In More Present Perfect we will explore how to use the Present Perfect in more detail and how it differs from the Present Simple tense. It is also worth spending some extra time examining the ways we use FOR & SINCE in more detail, as well as looking deeper into WHEN something happened vs HOW LONG AGO it happened.

More Present Perfect

How is Present Simple different to Present Perfect?

Are you describing the action or the duration of time since? Learn about Past-to-Present States in this extra video lesson.

For & Since in the Present Perfect

For & Since are both used to describe periods of time, but they are used in very different ways. Learn how to describe a Time Period & a Specific Time more accurately.

When vs How Long

Although there is little or no difference in the meaning between When & How Long, it is always useful to be able to use both accurately.

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More Practice Means More Progress

Present Perfect Continuous

Present Perfect & Past Simple

For & Since Bonus Lesson

FOR and SINCE are commonly used in the Present Perfect tense to describe either a Duration of Time or a Specific Point in Time. It is essential that you can use them both correctly if you want to become fluent in English.