Lesson 1 | How to identify key data

In the first lesson in this series, I focus on the key points that you need to identify on a line graph, bar chart & other chart types in your IELTS academic writing task 1. You are given lots of information in your writing task, so it can be confusing when you have to choose the most important features to write about in your report.

In this Change Over Time graph, I will show you how to identify a key point of data and what to do next.

Lesson 2 | Bar Charts

Bar Charts (pie charts, diagrams etc...) look a little different to Line Graphs and for some people, identifying the critical data points is more difficult. However, the same principles that you learned in lesson 1 (Line Graphs) still apply.

In this lesson, you will learn how to view and identify key data points by using a simple method of turning of bar chart into a line graph.

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Lesson 3 | Identifying Key Data Examples

In this lesson I will run through some real life examples of data & charts and show you how to identify the key points needed.

Lesson 4 | Describing Numbers

As part of your task 1 report, you have to include details such as numbers or amounts. There are many ways to describe numbers, either as a percentage (%), fractions (1/2), whole numbers, rounded numbers, precise numbers or even approximations.

In this lesson, we will look at all of the different ways you can use numbers to enhance your report writing skills.

Lesson 5 | Write a Report, Not an Essay

It is important to understand that for your Task 1, you are not writing an essay, you are writing a report. Reports need to be organised and logical and you should aim to keep it simple. Here we will review what you should be writing to complete your task efficiently and accurately.

Lesson 6 | How to Organise your Paragraphs

Let's take a look at what is important in your writing and how to organise the information in your report. How many paragraphs should I write? How many words do I need to write?

Learn to Keep It Simple!

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