Explore the many different ways you can use the verb To Come to describe Movement. Changes, the Order of Events & Existence. This extremely versatile verb will become invaluable once you understand it and can use it effectively.

An Introduction

This lesson looks at the many different ways you can use the verb To Come and its different meanings including Movement, Changes, Events, Order & Existence.

Come Undone & Come Down

Songs are a great way to experience new vocabulary and in this lesson, I will explain the different meanings of To Come Undone, plus how to use Come Down.

7 Common Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs are an important part of vocabulary in English, so in the video, you will learn 7 commonly used phrasal verbs based on the verb Come, what they mean & how to use them correctly.

More Phrasal Verbs

In this lesson, I take a different view of how to learn phrasal verbs. So instead of learning a phrasal verb and what it means, I take a look at meaning first and then examine some phrasal verbs you can use to express yourself.

Common Idioms

Most languages contain idiomatic saying or expressions and English is no exception. In fact, idioms are extremely common in everyday language, so understanding them is important. Let's explore some phrases that use Come.

Expressions with COME (2).pdf

Practice Makes Progress

Download these expressions to review and practice.